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Bouquet 047 - With Love
Bouquet 047 - With Love
A very stylish composition that is sure to create an atmosphere of tenderness and love! Traditional beauty of red roses is underlined by green fillers for more freshness and brighness. One of the best ways to declare your love is to present this wonderful bouquet!
*** The length of the delivered roses is 70-80 cm

SMALL - 54,32 EUR
red rose - 9, baby's  breath (gypsophila)  or limonium - 2, asparagus - 2, monstera  - 2, ribbon
red rose - 11, baby's  breath (gypsophila)  or limonium - 2, asparagus - 3, monstera  - 2, ribbon
BIG - 76,65 EUR
red rose - 15, baby's  breath (gypsophila)  or limonium - 3, asparagus - 3, monstera  - 3, ribbon
*We want to alert you, that each bouquet is hand tied by a local florist. Each bouquet is unique and can differ from image depending on season.

all prices included with delivery
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