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Bouquet 123 - Red gerberas
Bouquet 123 - Red gerberas
Gerberas - beautiful flowers. Because of its ring-shaped reminiscent of the sun, associated with a smile, optimism, easy flirtation.Red gerbera bouquet is more suitable as a gift for men.Red gerberas bouquet is more suitable as a gift for men.
 ***You can choose the amount of gerberas(specify in the additional requests, information).
gerberas amount:
price, (EUR)
(with delivery):

1 gerbera: delivery is not possible
2 gerberas: delivery is not possible
gerberas: "30,85 EUR"
4 gerberas: "30,83 EUR"
5 gerberas: 31,50 EUR
gerberas: 34,00 EUR
7 gerberas: 36,50 EUR
9 gerberas: 41,50 EUR
11gerberas: 46,50 EUR
12 gerberas: 49,00 EUR
15 gerberas: 56,50 EUR
17 gerberas: 61,50 EUR
18 gerberas: 64,00 EUR
19 gerberas: 66,50 EUR
21 gerberas: 71,50 EUR
25 gerberas: 81,50 EUR
35 gerberas: 106,50 EUR
45 gerberas: 131,50 EUR
55 gerberas: 156,50 EUR
75 gerberas: 206,50 EUR
101gerberas: 271,50 EUR
*** When filling out the order form, please invite how many gerberas should be in the bouquet(specify in the additional requests, information). 
MINIMUM POSSIBLE ORDER AMOUNT (including delivery)=30,82 EUR 
*We want to alert you, that each bouquet is hand tied by a local florist. Each bouquet is unique and can differ from image depending on season.

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