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Bouquet 125 - First date
Bouquet 125 - First date
Gerberas - nice and beautiful flowers. Its ring-shaped resemblance to the sun, associated with smile, optimism, light flirt, is suitable for both men and women. A gentle multicolored gerbera bouquet - the first timid step in the relationship between two people.

SMALL - 48,53 EUR
white gerbera - 3, pink gerbera - 3, red gerbera - 2, yellow or orange gerbera - 3, decorative greenery, cellophane, ribbon
white gerbera - 4, pink gerbera - 4, red gerbera - 3, yellow or orange gerbera - 4, decorative greenery, cellophane, ribbon
BIG - 68,95 EUR
white gerbera - 5, pink gerbera - 5, red gerbera - 4, yellow or orange gerbera - 5, decorative greenery, cellophane, ribbon
*We want to alert you, that each bouquet is hand tied by a local florist. Each bouquet is unique and can differ from image depending on season.

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