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Bouquet 136 - Carnations of different colors
Bouquet 136 - Carnations of different colors 
Carnations are known as a symbol of pride. But in their colors there are additional and very different meanings. Order carnations of different colors, which will please not only women, but also men and surprise special people on any fun occasions. And the meaning of the bouquet will depend on the place and time of the flower delivery.
 ***You can choose the amount of carnations(specify in the additional requests, information).
carnations amount:
price, (EUR)
(with delivery):

1 carnation: delivery is not possible
2  carnations: delivery is not possible
3 carnations: "30,86 EUR"
4 carnations: "30,85 EUR"
5 carnations: "30,84 EUR"
carnations: "30,83 EUR"
7 carnations: "30,82 EUR"
9  carnations: 33,40 EUR
11 carnations: 36,60 EUR
12 carnations: 38,20 EUR
15 carnations: 43,00 EUR
17 carnations: 46,20 EUR
18 carnations: 47,80 EUR
19 carnations: 49,40 EUR
21 carnations: 52,60 EUR
24 carnations: 57,40 EUR
25 carnations: 59,00 EUR
35 carnations: 75,00 EUR
45 carnations: 91,00 EUR
55 carnations: 107,00 EUR
75 carnations: 139,00 EUR
101 carnations: 180,60 EUR
*** When filling out the order form, please invite how many and what color carnations should be in the bouquet(specify in the additional requests, information). Without it, the bouquet will be composed at the discretion of the florist !!! 
MINIMUM POSSIBLE ORDER AMOUNT (including delivery)=30,82 EUR 
*We want to alert you, that each bouquet is hand tied by a local florist. Each bouquet is unique and can differ from image depending on season.

all prices included with delivery
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Additional gifts are available with this bouquet:
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