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Flowers gift 213 - Gorgeous Christmas wreath
Flowers gift 213 -Gorgeous Christmas wreath 
From ancient times, it is believed that the wreath woven from the ever-green plant has magic powers, brings happiness and success.Wreaths were hung on doors and walls, placed on tables, given as gifts to each other as friendship, love, life eternity, a symbol of security. Let the christmas wreath combine the days that have passed into one of a series of beautiful memories! The natural handmade Christmas wreath will fill your home or office with true Christmas comfort, warmth and joy of Christmas!

natural flowers wreath: wheel shaped frame, coniferous twigs, (pine)cone, decorative berries, decorative greenery, Christmas ornaments, pink ribbon. Diameter - from 30 to 35 cm
*We want to alert you, that each flowers &  gifts is hand tied by a local florist. Each gift is unique and can differ from image depending on season.

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