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Accessory 264 - tomb candle
Accessory 264g - Tomb candle
The candle is the symbol of eternal light and hope. By lighting the candle we wish the deceased peace, we show our faith and at the same time express our hope of meeting him after death.
*** Delivery is possible only with flowers. When ordering a accessory, it is NECESSARY TO ORDER A FLOWER BOUQUET.

SMALL - 12,00 EUR
Candle: diameter 60-80 mm, height 100-115 mm, burning time - 8-14 hours
MEDIUM - 13,50 EUR
Candle: diameter 80-90 mm, height 90 mm, burning time - 28-35 hours 
BIG - 15,00 EUR 
Candle: diameter 115-120 mm, height 120 mm, burning time - 60-80 hours
 * We want to alert you that the gifts given may be somewhat differ from the one shown in the picture because they are purchased at a local supermarket before delivery, so they are original

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