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We deliver flowers and gifts to homes, workplaces, medical facilities, events and more in all cities and towns of Lithuania and all over the world!

 Most popular  CATALOG - delivery in LITHUANIA bouquets and gifts:
Roses - the surest  way to show your feelings! Red roses speak of a deep passion.White roses symbolize purrity  and light. In giving these roses you say: "You are heavenly! I admire You!".In  the language of flowers, yellow roses mean:  "Let's forget what is was and start all over again". Pink roses are gentle reminder of attachment, with only stronger feelings emerging.If you feel dizzy and you are completely enchanted by someone - give a bouquet  of orange roses.
bouquet 001- Red roses bouquet 080-White roses bouquet 105-Pink roses bouquet 086- yellow roses bouquet 106- Orange roses bouquet 028-The Song of Roses
Roses and a large box of  chocolates (the most delicious!!!) will create a great mood. The best gift for mom on her birthday or mother's day is a cake and bouquet of red roses. A similar combination is also suitable for a friend with a sweet toot.
And here are roses, a cute plush teddy bear (or other soft toy),  a heart-shaped box of  chocolates, a set of the most delicious cookies in a romantic box  - definitely the best gift for any occasion! bouquet&gift002-Great mood bouquet&gift181-Roses and cake bouquet&gift059-The best gift
bouquet004-Summer fantasy bouquet177-Flower kaleidoscope Mixed bouquet - a great opportunity to lift the mood of a loved one. Both at a friendly party, and during a big family celebration, and in a room full of other flowers, mixed bouquets  of different colors will attract glances  full of self-admiration.Such bouquets are perfectlysuitable as a separate, basic, gift, and as an integral part of a large gift.
bouquet163-Style flowers gift186-Orchid in a glass cup A gentle bouquet of three roses - a great way to express your feelings and do something beautiful for a loved one... A delicate orchid in a clear glass in an excellent example of floristic minimalism and perfect harmony. Stylish and elegant composition, which will be appereciated by the greatest aesthetic.
Fruit basket - the best gift for your friends.Gifts for sweet tooths: fresh cakes for any holiday - various shapes and flavors (biscuit, chocolate, cottage cheese, ets.); candy (the most delicious!!!) - a great addition for any bouquet of flowers. Delivered ONLY with flowers. gift103-Natural gifts gift062-Cake gift110-Lithuanian chocolate candy box
A teddy bear (or other soft toy) will constantly remind your girl about your gentle feelings, and will be like a toy to child. The flower bear - an original teddy bear - shaped composition from chrysanthemums - is a suitable and original gift for any occasion. Especially suitable for a child on the occasion of  a birthday (or other holiday). A soft toy (teddy bear or other), a small bouquet of flowers, a box of  candy "Raffaello" - a universal gift for both a little girl and a young lady or woman. None of them will remain indifferent to such a gift. Without what is it impossible to imagine a real celebration? Of course, without cake and bouquets of live flowers. We decided to combine these two symbols of the celebration and offer you an exceptional composition of live flower  cake shape. Of course, this cake can not be cut and distributed to quests - its purpose  is different: to give the loved one the unique atmosphere of  special celebration. Filling helium ballons will blend your flower bouquet and give you a playful look for all greetings.Especialy suitable for birthday  party."The first flowers" are a bouquet  reminiscent of  childhood. A wonderful sign of attention for a little girl on her birthday.
gift061-Soft toy flowers gift100 - Flower Bear flowers&gifts183- Favorite in the forest flowers gift 187- Flower cake gift101- Balloons bouquet154- First flowers
The white chrysanthemums are the main sympathy flowers symbolizing concentration and tranquility. Chrysanthemums -  life rings of meaning...A compact white spray chrysanthemum basket is a symbol of your sadness.The mourfulcomposition in a  basket of white carnations and greens will also express your sadness.A round wreath with a ribbon next to the deceased's coffin will at least partially replace you at that mourning hour when you can't attend yourself. A  traditional wreath at the coffin or grave of the deceased  will perform a sad duty for you when  you cannot do it yurself.
bouquet 073g-Chrysanthemums white basket087g- Sadness symbol basket072g-Sadness Wreath 064g- In Mournful hour Wreath069g-Sad Wreath066g-Dedicated memory
Florist's bouquet <<== Florist's bouguet - a mixed bouquet of flowers is delivered at the discretion of florist: You only indicate on what occaion  flowers are sent, what , approxximately, the range of colors and composition of the bouquet should be, what the price of the bouquet is  with the delivery.
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